Giles Automotive - BMW Factory Defective head bolts, Two BMWs undrivable and BMW doesn't care.

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I own two 2006 BMW 325is, Both of them have Aluminum engine bolts(headbolts) that have the heads just breaking off, causing major oil leaks.Of course Extended warranties dont cover the and BMW has yet to adress their Factory Defective Bolts and design.

I now have BMW lawn ornaments..Too bad A German company has used Chinese bolts in an important engine componant.

Giles Nissan in Lafayette, LA sold me one 2 months ago(with a $2000+ extended "Super Warranty" Which of course doesn't cover this "Surprise" they could care less that they sold me a piece of crp.

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My '06 330i has the same broken head bolt issue, but BMW refuses to fix it.After several calls and smokescreens put up by BMW, the issue remains unresolved.

As such, I will continue to make other potential BMW customers aware of their lack of transparency and inability to address an issue that they are responsible for.

CPO customers beware.This is a serious problem affecting far more vehicles than those that were recalled.


I am an investigator with the law firm of Meyer Wilson Co., LPA. We are investigating a potential case regarding alleged defects in some BMWs resulting in the breakage of head bolts. If you are interested in assisting or learning more about our investigation, please contact me at 614-937-5346 or

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